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Bringing Trauma Informed
Yoga to Your Organization.

If you're an organization that works with survivors, people with substance use disorders, first responders, or any other group that has/is processing their trauma, yoga can be helpful to work alongside therapy. 

What makes trauma informed yoga different?

Traditional yoga classes can be extremely vulnerable, and opening in ways that might be upsetting to someone that has experienced trauma.

Inner Luminary Yoga's trauma informed classes will avoid vulnerable postures, and aggressive wording. Students will always have the option to opt out of a pose without judgment, and the classes will focus on the connection between mind, breath and body. 

What to expect/ How it Works: 

Our In Person classes come to you! Molly Burke will provide a 60-minute, or 30-minute class based on your preference. All classes include a theme, modifications, meditation, and soft music. Please go to the pricing tab to see group rates. Please note, mats are NOT provided, and participants are encouraged to bring their own mats.  

This is NOT a substitute for therapy, and I do NOT provide medical advice of any kind. 

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